Dismissal time tomorrow.

Dismissal time.
Apparently the Parent Handbook says that dismissal time tomorrow (Easter Thursday) is at 2:10. This must have been wishful thinking, because it is not correct! Dismissal is at the normal time of 3:10.
Enterprise Day.
Every year the adult feedback about Enterprise Day is that there is not enough savoury lunch food. For this to happen we need parent help, as the day is student run and food handling and safety requirements mean that students are not able to do this unaided.
We have some great ideas for providing food, but need help from adults to make it happen. If you are able to spend an hour or two on April 14th helping serve food please contact me.
The Sports Committee will be running a BBQ.
Sue Woollard

What I learned this week…..

At the Marine Discovery Centre (click here), I learned that the banana shape “jelly fish” at the beach are actually sand snail eggs in development and that the balls of fibre that I thought were sponges are actually balls of seagrass, shaped by wave action.

Via Twitter (click here for whole post) I learned that iPhone doesnt support Adobe Flash for some very good reasons.(Why?)

I revised how to create report comment databases from a colleague (Thanks Kate).

I practised thinking before speaking.

I learned that it’s a long way to Tipperary oops… I mean Strathalbyn and that Strathalbyn is a beautiful township in South Australia with some very quaint antique shops and scrumptious cafes and bakeries.

I learned that participating in my Twitter PLN is still the best Professional learning experience I have had!

Power of a PLN

It was almost by accident that my PLN came to life.  I hadn’t heard of the phrase “PLN” when I joined Twitter but nowadays, the learning community I follow provides me with some of the richest learning experiences I have had.

The use of hash tags to follow themes rather than people has meant that I can pursue areas of interest and of course, once I am interested in a person’s thoughts on a particular topic, I end up following that person and hearing their thoughts about all sorts of other things.

Some of my favourite themes are #edchat and #comments4kids

The list of inspiring eductaors I follow are too numerous to mention so if you want to see who inspires me, please feel free to follow me @weezyg and see who I follow.

I would strongly recommend developing a professional network for yourself, whether you are a beginning teacher, under-graduate or “Old Hat”.

Keep learning,